Supporting Refugees and Front Line Workers’ Mental Health

Supporting refugees, and health care and front line workers

Refugees and health care and front line workers are exposed to traumatic experience that can carry enormous emotional burdens and stress.

CARO aims to link refugees, people caring for refugees and other front-line health care workers with professionals who will assist them to work through their experiences and trauma.

We use a psychoanalytic approach. In this way someone who is troubled by their experiences of trauma or difficulties can, in talking with another person, begin to feel that the future could be different, and there is reason for hope.


Our Services

CARO Refugee Support

Migrant & Refugees

We provide mental health support to migrants and refugees affected by trauma and other difficult emotional experience.

Carers & Front Line Workers

We offer a confidential space to explore and understand the emotional impacts and burdens involved in working on the frontline.