Refugee and Migrant Mental Health Support

If you are a migrant, refugee, or asylum seeker who has endured torture or other traumatic events in your country of origin or during your journey to safety, CARO is here to offer vital mental health support.

Migrants’ experiences are complex and multifaceted, often entailing exposure to distressing events not only in their home countries but also during migration and settlement processes.

We understand the challenges that migrants and refugees face when seeking assistance for mental health concerns. These difficulties are amplified by the trust issues that can arise from living in countries marred by war or civil unrest.

Our service is dedicated to migrants and refugees who have shouldered the weight of traumatic experiences, carrying immense emotional burdens and stress. This is frequently an integral aspect of the refugee and migration journey.

Refugee Mental Health Support

Our Refugee and Migrant Counselling Service

We offer up to 5 pro bono (no charge) psychoanalytically informed sessions, depending on need. Sessions can be on Zoom or in person. We also offer group sessions.

Our service is confidential. Interpreters and Telehealth (e.g. Zoom) are available.

We offer our service irrespective of visa status or Medicare eligibility.

Please be aware we are not an emergency service.

Migrant mental health support
Require additional sessions

Some people will find that these sessions provide sufficient emotional support, while others may feel that they need further help and CARO will try and assist with referral onwards.

Do you have interpreters

We have access to interpreters for both our  in-person and Telehealth service (ie Zoom).  Just inform us at the time of booking that you require an interpreter.

How much does it cost?

The first 5 session are free and if you require any further session you will be referred go another practitioner.

Do I need a particular Visa status

No, this service is available to all in need.

Do I need a Medicare card

No, this service is free for the first 5 sessions.

Is the service only available in Melbourne?

No, we have a number of practitioner in other states and you can always acces a Telehealth session.

What happens if I cannot make my session

Please give us 24 hours notice when canclling or re-scheduling an appointment. 

Emergency Services

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • Suicide Call Back: 1300 659 467
  • 13Yarn: 13 92 7